Inclusion Paving Programme (IPP)

What it is... 

Our Inclusion-Paving Programme (IPP) is a programme uniquely designed to bridge the skills gap between EIP or 1:1 therapy and inclusive learning. 


Why the need? 

Essential skills, e.g. joint attention, social referencing, self-management are lacking in many students who, otherwise, would be ready for inclusive learning environment. 


Why Montessori? 

The Montessori method was developed in early 1900s by Maria Montessori, based on observations of children with special learning needs. It emphasizes a structured learning environment in which absorbent learning can happen and children feel competent in their own abilities. 


Why ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)? 

ABA is the most widely researched approach to behavior modification. ABA principles and techniques have been proven to be effective in teaching and modifying behavior of children with special needs. 


Who can benefit from this programme? 

This programme is a 'small-step' progression from early intervention programme (EIP), in the leap to a kindergarten syllabus. It is designed with children of the following profile in mind:

- with notable developmental delay, specifically in language; but otherwise, able to function with minimal behavior challenges

- with developmental delays across domains, and receiving early intervention or therapy; but making steady progress and might be ready for inclusive learning

- made significant gains from early intervention or therapy and ready for inclusion in a mainstream environment; but require a transition period to harness acquired skills and increase social confidence



If you are interested to find out more about our IPP, or can already see how your child can benefit from this, wait no more! Get in touch with us!

Autism Special Needs Education

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