About Us

Our Founder's Story


A Special Door is founded and directed by Jancy Chua-Nugroho, who strongly believes that each child on the Autism Spectrum Disorder holds a key to A Special Door, waiting to open so that different worlds can meet.


Jancy’s journey in this special community began in 2004, where she taught children with special needs from preparatory class to primary four. Since 2009, she has been serving children and their families as a home-based behaviour therapist, as well as a learning support (shadow teacher) in mainstream preschools, primary schools and international schools. On top of receiving intensive training in Applied Behaviour Analysis, she learns the most from her work with her students. 


In 2013, Jancy was awarded Diploma in Learning Disorders Management and Child Psychology (Outstanding Performance) by The College of Teachers (UK). She also holds a Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) Degree awarded by National University of Singapore.


Currently, she is also an associate lecturer and practicum supervisor for early childhood and special education courses. 

Our core values

At A Special Door, we believe in the potential of every child, with or without special needs. We know, and treat, a child as a child first, before addressing the areas of special needs. A child with special needs is often like a door, which can be opened, to a new world of diversities and possibilities. 


While it takes a village to raise a child, we understand, often, it takes a few different villages to raise a special child. Different knocks are required before the special door opens, and we do not profess to have all the expertise. Instead, we actively seek out other specialists and professionals to collaborate with, in ensuring better understanding and a holistic approach to help your child.

Learn more about our partners and collaborations.

How we are special

“In my early years of working in this special community, I was very lucky to encounter fellow teachers, therapists and mentors who were wise with their experience, generous with their advice and selfless with their time. They impart to me that if I ever want to do more and more meaningfully, I have to focus on the ‘we’ and not just on ‘me’. This is where A Special Door is special."

“My vision is that every person, no matter the child, the family, our teachers and therapists, our partners, or even the volunteers, who has been in touch with A Special Door, feels and absorbs only positive energy. In my opinion, that is the only beginning to everything good and successful.."

1. We regularly reflect on the effectiveness of our programmes.


At A Special Door, we are grounded in theories and principles, yet open-minded to adaptations and being creative. We are receptive that more than one approach may work for your child.



 2. We regard ourselves as partners to our clients.


At A Special Door, we value the trust you put in us to pave the way for your child’s accomplishments. We are committed in helping your child and make every endeavour to be an instrumental team member towards your child’s progress.



 3. We are convicted to help our people succeed.


At A Special Door, we know that feeling good about yourself and what you do is the best motivation to keep doing good. We empower our people to do what they do best through sharing of resources, coaching and mentoring at work, and playing hard outside work.


Autism Special Needs Education

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